Innovators in Catering



If you are serving alcohol, it is strongly urged that you serve some sort of food, later on in the evening. This can be a simple menu, such is shown here, but we have served all kinds of different foods from chicken wings to pizza.


Standard Cold Late Lunch. No Minimums required

    1. Assorted deli meats
    2. Crisp seasonal vegetables and dip
    3. Cheese and pickle medley
    4. Dinner buns and butter
    5. Fresh fruit and squares
    6. Tea and coffee
    7. Disposable tableware , client takes leftovers home with them for this menu



    1. 3 Alarm Chicken Wings – 3 per person
    2. Dry Garlic Boneless Ribs – 100 Grams per person
    3. Vegetarian Spring Rolls – 2 per person
    4. Seasoned Potato Wedges – 3 per person
    5. Crisp Seasonal Vegetables & Dip – 100 grams per person
    6. Fresh fruit and squares – 2 pieces of each per person
    7. Tea and Coffee
    8. Disposable Tableware

Minimum order 75 guests – Hot lunch maximum service 1 hour, left over food does not remain with the client for this menu.


Please feel free to discuss any alternative menu options for late lunch that you may have.