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A party tray is the simplest way of all to cater to a group of people.  However, the contents of the trays do not have to be simple at all.  Casual affairs, on a low budget, will benefit by ordering trays of food.  Mix and match, and these trays will complement any event, from a Grey Cup Party to…well, you name it!!

A Selection of Freshly Made Sandwiches

(May Include Sliced Roast Beef, Black Forest Ham & Cheese, Egg Salad, Tuna Salad & Vegetarian, on Freshly Baked Breads.)

Medium Tray (35 Pieces)
Large Tray (45 Pieces)


Grand Entertainer Tray

A variety of sandwiches on fancy breads, wraps and croissants.

Large Tray (Serves 45 Pieces)


Assorted Meat Trays

A Selection of Sliced Gold Medal Cold Cuts
(Mustard & Mayonnaise)

Medium Tray (Serves 10 – 15)
Large Tray (Serves 15 – 20)


The Bread Selection

A Selection of Freshly Baked Rolls, Breads & Butter

Medium Tray (Serves 10 – 15)
Large Tray (Serves 15 – 20)


Pickle Tray
A Selection of Dill, Sweet Mixed, Pearl Onions & Olives with Banana Peppers

Medium Tray (Serves 15 – 25)


European & Domestic Cheese
A Selection Of European And Import Cheese Including Gouda, Havarti, Swiss, Edam, Cheddar And Marble Cheddar and a Cheese Ball
Medium Tray (100 grams per person @ 10 guests)
Large Tray (100 grams per person @ 15 guests)


Fancy Crackers
A Basket of Fancy Crackers to Complement Any Dish or Nibble on Their Own

Basket (Serves 10 – 15)


Spinach Dip
Elizabethan Spinach Dip is in a Freshly Baked Loaf with Sliced Baguettes.

 Large Tray (Serves 10 -15)


Ocean Fresh Seafood Dip
Shrimp & Crab Blended with Pernod for a Wonderful Dip served with baguettes

Medium Tray (Serves 10 – 15)


Garlic Pita Wedges & Dip Tray
Homemade Pita Wedges with your choice of Salmon Camembert, Hummus, or Triple Olive Feta Dip.

Large Tray (Serves 10 – 15)


Two Colored Nachos Chips with Salsa, Sour Cream & Guacamole

Large Tray (Serves 10 – 15)


Medley of Crisp Seasonal Vegetables & Dip
A Selection of Freshly cut Vegetables, Carrots, Celery, Cauliflower, Broccoli etc. served with a Delicious Dip.

Medium Tray (100 grams per person @ 15 guests)
Large Tray (100 grams per person @ 20 guests)


Seasonal Fresh Fruit Tray
A Selection of Pineapple, Honeydew Melon, Cantaloupe Melon, Garnished with Oranges, Kiwi Fruit and Grapes. 
Medium Tray (100 grams per person @ 10 guests)
Large Tray (100 grams per person @ 15 guests)


Selection of Assorted Squares (4 Varieties)

Medium Tray (30 pieces) $30.00
Large Tray (40 Pieces) $35.00


Decadent Dessert Tray

An impressive variety of decadent pastries made by our pastry chef

Medium Tray (30 pieces)
Large Tray (40 pieces)


Digital Image Cakes

½ Slab White or Chocolate Cake
½ Slab Carrot Cake
Full Slab White or Chocolate Cake
Full Slab Carrot Cake