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Technology and Catering. How is that applicable? One function for 100. Any catering company can do that. How about 17 events and 1,500 guests? Can you imagine the logistics in that? Equipment. Food. Staff. Vehicles. Well, I can tell you it can be done, using hand written lists, as that is what we used to do!

However, today we are far more sophisticated, and again can produce incredibly accurate lists of equipment or kitchen production or staffing, at the touch of a button. Can you imagine, the computer even gives us a list of when to start cooking items to ensure maximum freshness and minimal holding times. Try cooking a 100 different items in the course of 3 hours, and see what happens. Some are roasted, others are steamed, some are boiled, some grilled etc. etc. Every 15 minutes, our team of chefs start some process or other and the magic is amazing. No spoilt food, no forgotten food, just perfect food ready within 15 minutes of leaving. Bravo computer!!

So the computer tells us how much to make and how and when to cook it. We have taken it a stage further. Our bank of 3 “state of the Art” Rational Ovens takes over and cooks everything perfectly, at the touch of the button, every single time. No divine intervention of anybody. Just hit the Roast Chicken Program! Chicken not cooked/Over cooked. Now it is an impossibility. Golden, Crisp, Moist Chicken every time – without fail. Same with Roast Potatoes, Roast Beef, Mashed Potatoes and the list goes on. Fabulous, fabulous tools makes fabulous, fabulous food – on time.

So, you are assured no food shortages, no forgotten items, perfectly cooked food, on time. Could you ask for anything more?

If someone can do this better than Elizabethan Catering Services Ltd. does, we cannot see it happening. Reports are for your peace of mind, and ours!!