Innovators in Catering


Steven Marsh - Owner/Founder

Elizabeth Marsh - Owner

Vicky Mueller - Sales Manager

Shelly Bolt - Sales Associate

Emily Carter - Sales Administrator

Sherry Christie - Receptionist

Lise Kerrin - Packing Coordinator

Susan Williams - Setup/Packing Manager

Eileen Eckert - Accounts Administrator


Steven Marsh - Chef

Jamie Minaker - Sous Chef

Gerald Morrison - Chef Garde Manger

Jennifer Sleath - Pastry Chef


Ardith McKinley Becky Fitzgerald Brenda Lindberg Clayton Schafers Irmgard Basler Jillian Stirling Lise Kerrin Marlene Rizzie Mark Westerlund Monique McGuire Susan Williams Tara Murphy Theresa Winnichuk


Jennie McPherson - Sales Associate

Jennie McPherson joined us in January, and has added a new dimension to our Sales Team. Welcome to our world, Jennie. A big asset.

When Jennie was working for Regional Maple Leaf, she worked her way up to one of the highest paid sales representatives in less than 3 months. Her perseverance, motivation and determination shined when she was only 18 years old.Jennie is great with people and adapting quickly and efficiently to different working environments.

Jennie is very business oriented and strives to not only reach her goals but to reach out to new limits. Be confident that you are in good hands. Details are the key in this business, and Jennie has thrived in making people's dream come true!