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In the event that we do not have the correct items you require in house, we will go and rent them for you.  As food service items are endless, and as such, we cannot carry every eventuality, the reputable rental companies we use, can fill that void.  Everyone has their own idea for their event.  We have all the items in stock for a perfect event.  However, if you need whatever it is that we have not on hand, please let us know.  Whether it is butter melters/claw crackers for lobsters, or a small glass for a toast or whatever, we will let you know the costs of those items and get them for you.

The better Rental Companies also have an extensive array of “table pleasers”  Up market chairs, tablecloth overlays, plate chargers etc. etc.  However you would like you reception facility to look, we can make it so.  Is anything ever “Over the top”?  In our eyes, we can help you go through it step by step to see if it is, but as a customer, you get exactly what you would like.  This philosophy is important.  Are you aware even of the choices that are available to you? Check it out.  Bring in pictures of table settings/decorations you have seen.  We will know where to get them, and give you a cost for them.  Do not compromise.  We never will.

So, please ask us for our ideas.  Have an idea in mind and see what comes from it.  Can we create your dream?  It never hurts to ask.  “I should have” and “If only” are always too late...