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Planning your event is truly themost important part of the process.  The more precise your (and our) vision is, the less of a chance of mistakes being made.  Our checklists and profiles we send out to you are very thorough.  However, for all the work we put into them, it is truly amazing how many of our fabulous customers don’t read them thoroughly.  We write down everything from beginning to end and ask that you read through the document and to sign if correct, or tell us of any errors.  We absolutely hate saying “Sorry, but it was not on your profile” when asked, say where the punch was.

Attention to detail is so very important.  We take it very seriously, and as a customer, you should too.  If something is not right, please tell us ahead of time so it can be fixed.  To discover it on the day is always too late (or causes a load of grief for the catering staff!)

Please remember that we have catered thousands of events since our humble beginnings in 1985.  We can advise you, once we have heard your ideas and wishes.  We will do our best to avoid any distractions for you at your event.  Our lists are very thorough, enabling us to always be on time with the right food, in the right quantities.  Our systems are there, in place to help you though this important phase.

So, please call us to get your planning underway and made completely foolproof.  We will work towards perfection, guiding you every step of the way. Thank you.