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Elizabethan Catering Services Ltd., is famous for their whole pig roasts, and there is something about the flavour of whole pigs cooked in this manner, which truly makes the meat taste sumptuous. We have two pig roasters at our shop. One will take 120lb pig - enough to feed 120 guests, and another monster cooker, which we have nick-named "Pig Bertha" can cook 4 x 150lb pigs at a time, enough for 600 guests! It is one of the biggest hog cookers in Alberta, and is rated at 1,500,000 BTU's. That is a lot of heat.

With the addition of the new roaster, we are able to handle just about any cooking situation that may arise.

Pigs are very tricky to cook properly. They have to be slow cooked, to an internal temperature of 70 degrees, which depending on the size of the pig will take anywhere from 6 - 12 hours, with a lots of checking and basting in between. We feel that after 27 years in business, we certainly have the most experience, and look forward to catering you next whole roasted pig event.

Of course, our smaller spit, can be used for all kinds of other meats. We have cooked Whole Turkeys and Lamb as well as the traditional cuts of Beef, such as Insides and Prime Ribs. If required, the "Pig Bertha" could easily cook enough Roast Beef onsite for about 2,000 guests! It is a hummer of a machine!


Prepared at Elizabethan Kitchen on Slow Roast Rotisserie
Then carved on site with Chef

(Minimum 100 Guests)


Whole Lamb




Kernel Corn with Butter and Cracked PepperSteamed Kernel Corn, Tossed with Melted Butter, Salt and Freshly Cracked Pepper


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