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The old adage of “Rubbish in, Rubbish out” is never more true than in the food industry. If you start with cheaper, substandard ingredients, you are assured of a substandard product. If you buy the very best, freshest food, and handle it properly, you are assured the best menu items possible.

We truly are proud of our food. Consistency is the key. All of our recipes have been formulated over the years, and the results are exceptional. Ingredients, Spices and Seasonings are the absolute keys to great tasting food, with excellent flavor, texture and color.

Home-made taste. Everyone strives for that, and many promote their menus as such, but very few achieve it. We are “taste crazy” here. We taste everything. We have staff do a blind tasting when creating a new recipe. The recipe is then refined, further tested and then proudly served to our customers.

The myth. Recipes don’t taste as good when made in large quantities, or when made by a company. Nonsense. All our recipes are measured using a 10th of a gram scale. Multiply it up and a small batch taste just as a small one. It is true, the consistent, measured list of ingredients, ensures a consistent recipe taste. No pinches of this and that for us!!