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Menu items are a huge scope of work, and can create the event of your dreams. On the left we have listed the many different types of events that we have catered before, with an extensive menu listing associated with each one.

However, we are obsessed with making sure that your event is catered exactly the way that you want it, with a menu that you are happy with. We are more than happy to advise you with your menu selection, and even prepare any items that you would like, even if they are not listed. We pride ourselves on using only the freshest of ingredients, following tried and tested recipes that we know you will enjoy.

The menus listed here, are very popular, but we are always developing more different ideas, based on feedback from the most discerning people - our valuable customers.

We are constantly coming up with different ideas, and concepts, which are unusual in content, but sure to please. Ask about our new "Big Pan" idea where food is prepared onsite using massive spanish Paella Pans. A fabulous idea, yet to be formally rolled out. Ideas like this excite us, and we hope in turn, excite you.

Food Tastings are held, several times during the year, during our quieter months. We would be happy to invite you to one of them. Please ask your Sales Associate for the dates. We set up the kitchen as a large dining area, which in itself is unusual. You will be sitting in the very space your wonderful meal will be prepared, so you can see how everything works, and most importantly - how clean everything is.

Food is like art, with an endless palette of colours, flavours and textures. Take this into account when creating a menu.  It is not an easy task.  Ask one of our sales associates for advice.  Can you?  Yes We Can!