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Why would a catering company bring up such a touchy subject? It is assumed that all food service establishments follow stringent hygiene standards. Wrong!!!

Elizabethan Catering Services Ltd., is fanatical about health & hygiene and has very strict procedures to ensure that not only does the food look fabulous, but also that it is prepared in the most hygienic and healthful fashion.  We proudly take new customers around our kitchen on a tour so they can see exactly how clean and neat everything is, and to get to meet some of the staff, if they are there.

Many of the employees of ELIZABETHAN CATERING SERVICES LTD., have taken the "Foodsafe" program, as required by law. Temperatures are constantly monitored with a digital thermometer both during production and also, before food items leave for your function to ensure that ALL hot and cold foods are in the required temperature zone.  Every single insert of hot food that leaves our facility is checked to ensure it is at the safe temperature.

All coolers and freezers are monitored every second of the day by Temperature Guard which is a computer based program. Any time that one of our refrigeration units goes outside of the safe limits an alarm is sent to our cell phones. Very cool! (Excuse the pun!)

Our Dishwashing system is one of the most advanced in the world. This also monitors every single rack of dishes that goes thorugh the dishwasher to ensure that the required temperatures are reached to completely sanitize every piece of equipment that goes through it. It is a truly amazing machine.

Keeping food hot and cold is a challenge, but one that is so important.  It is unsafe to keep food warm and not hot, or warm and not cold.  We have special, insulated plastic carrying boxes designed to carry food.  They do keep hot food hot and safe (over 65 degrees) or cold and safe (less than 4 degrees) We would be happy to show you these also.  We have over 100 in our building and each one holds 6 food pans of perfectly decorated food, ready to go out on the buffet line and into either heated chafing dishes or iced holders.  A perfect scenario, with no risk to your guests.  We feel this is so very important.

General rule: "If you are not offered a tour of the kitchen, look elsewhere!"