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The dreaded word "Rolling" means absolute silence, so the entire catering staff freezes, to avoid any mistakes. We tried to work slowly and quietly, until someone dropped the chafing dish lid!!! "Cut" galvanizes us into action, as we don't know when the next "Rolling" will be heard!! Many of our staff have been exposed to the intense nature of Film Shoots, and are guaranteed to make your next shoot, as special as ever.

Elizabethan Catering Services is renowned for the fabulous food served on set. Whether Breakfast, Lunch or a "Walking" Supper, we know exactly what is needed to satisfy even the fussiest of film crews.

We were hired for our first assignment in July 1996.   The set was "Jake and the Kid" with a crew of about 60, at a location, south of Devon, Alberta.   Other assignments quickly followed, and we were asked to cater many shoots. "Silent Cradle" "The Genius" and "Heart of the Sun" to name a few.

Sandy Bennett, the owner of the renowned Vancouver film caterer, Critics Choice was hired by Elizabethan Catering Services, as a consultant, before "Heart of the Sun" was shot, just to ensure that all aspects of the business were understood completely.
Unfortunately, the film business, went into a recession following the cancellation of all grants and tax incentives by the Provincial Government, and 1997 and 1998, saw film shoot revenues drop by over 90%.

However, the training, staff and wonderful menus are still in place to ensure that your next film shoot is catered with style and class.

We know the format, and we know what your valuable cast and crew need to ensure that your shoot comes in, on time and on budget. Will we ever be late for a meal?? If we are, we know that will be our last on your set!!  A happy, well-fed crew is very important to the success of your next movie. Let us do the worrying for you, so that you can concentrate on doing what you do best - producing great movies.

"That's a wrap, Folks!!" We hope to hear from you soon!!!