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Our scope of work for a particular event is endless. Having catered to tens of thousands of events since 1985, nothing fazes us at all. The size of the crowd does not worry us, not the menu choices. A book could truly be written full of all of the wonderful events that we have catered from small to large, from the simplest to the most complex.

As organizer, YOU want to look good by hiring the caterer who is going to look after the details. It is truly amazing the diversity of our customers. Some of them decide on the caterer, run through the plan and it is done. Others seem to phone us every hour with this detail or that. We are happy with either one or anyone in between. Our main focus will be a successful function. Nothing else matters.

So, please phone one of our experienced sales associates. They will be happy to discuss your event with you and come up with a menu and other details. Your peace of mind, and no complaints is our goal.