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Where to begin? 
Our extensive inventory of Catering Equipment is unsurpassed in the industry.  Our gleaming chafing dishes and serving trays from Germany enhance the buffet line to a height unprecedented by any other caterer.  We have every imaginable piece of equipment to help impress your guests.  So many caterers do not pay attention to these details and insist that serving salads in dented stainless steel bowls,  gravy out of a plastic pitcher and sliced fruit on a tin foil covered plastic tray is perfectly acceptable. 

What do you think? 
We know for a fact that beautifully prepared food presented on immaculate serving equipment, not only looks better but tastes better.  We have bought the nicest spoons and tongs that we could find that are heavy in the hand.  Small details but the fact is that it is all part of the presentation to your guests which will leave a lasting impression.  Please ask to see our service equipment.  We will be happy to show you.

Keeping food hot and cold is a challenge, but one that is so important.  It is unsafe to keep food warm and not hot, or warm and not cold.  We have special, insulated plastic carrying boxes designed to carry food.  They do keep hot food hot and safe (over 65 degrees) or cold and safe (less than 4 degrees) We would be happy to show you these also.  We have over 100 in our building and each one holds 6 food pans of perfectly decorated food, ready to go out on the buffet line and into either heated chafing dishes or iced holders.  A perfect scenario, with no risk to your guests. 

What else might you need? 
You name it and we probably have it or we can get it for you.  Just ask one of our helpful sales associates and they will be more than happy to show you.