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Since 1985, Elizabethan Catering Services Ltd., is dedicated to making your event as memorable as possible. All we do is Off-Site Catering. Nothing more. We are not a restaurant. We are dedicated to providing a fine dining experience at your location to you and your discerning guests.

This website is full of ideas and information to help you decide how to create your perfect event, and how to avoid the many pitfalls that can upset your well-planned apple cart.

Navigation is very easy. Information is concise and precise. We have done our best to get straight to the point. Please feel free to create your own menu and services required. Menu Suggestions are just that - Suggestions. Feel free to add and subtract anything either from our list of alternates or suggest your own. We are a Custom Caterer, with only one thing in mind - Your Total Satisfaction!

We truly are “The Most Caring Caterer in the Business”!