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DFD - New for 2014!!


Since 1985 we have delivered countless delicious meals served in a fine dining settings, but many customers have asked us if we could provide the food only for their specific event.

The question is WHY NOT?

Why are we forcing a fully catered situation on our customers when sometimes it is simply something they don't need or want?

Of course we would recommend that the caterer takes care of everything for your special day, for no other reason than it guarantees a worry-free day. All you need to do is show up for your meal - everything is done for you.

Having said that, if it is just the food that you want from us, we will still prepare a delicious feast for you and deliver it to you to enjoy.

How will it work?

  • We will provide a list of items that you will need to provide so that you have everything on hand on the day. You choose the supplier, but simply ensure you provide everything on the list. We have been doing it for so long that if you simply follow the list you will have everything we need,
  • Since it is not as simple as just getting the food to the event we can provide some or all of the following:
    • Chinaware Rentals or Disposable Purchases
    • Linen and Glassware Rentals
    • Chafing Dishes for the Hot Food
    • Serving Utensils
  • Other Considerations

  • Portions of food
    • This "Food Only" package will be calculated using the same successful formulas that we have used for over 28 years. They are pretty bullet proof and we feel confident in their accuracy so you don't run out of food. However, once we have dropped it off, it is out of our control.
  • Leftovers.
    • What to do with them? We are truly concerned about them. Food safety is our number one concern - always. Elizabethan has dropped off the food, the guests have been fed. What are you going to do with the leftovers? We will have to insist they are not consumed after the event, because of the high risk of improperly stored food. It is very unlikely that the facility you are at has a large enough cooler to put it all in right after the meal. It is very dangerous to leave warm food around for too long! With a food delivery service, this is now your responsibility.
  • Bringing all our "stuff" back.
    • One of our food containers is adequate for every 30 guests. They are not small. You need to consider how you are going to bring all the supplies back. In most instances it is more than you can fit in a pickup truck
  • Literally, "Food for Thought!" As this is a new idea, we are going to certainly insist that all of these questions are answered, by customers who elect to go this route. We are not suggesting anything impossible here, but just listing the potential pitfalls, ahead of time. Thank you!!